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First Blog Entry


My First Blogpost

print("Hello World")

What I plan to do with this blog

  • The initial plan with the blog was to create an avenue for me to write about things regarding tech which I am passionate about
    • However, during the creation of the blog, I realised that I had to refer to work that other people had done in order to help create not only the backend but the front end as well.
  • During this period, it took a lot of time, effort and energy due to it being very hard to garner resources
  • As such, I am going to split the blog into two main parts, one would be my dealings with tech products in general and the other would be with regards to coding in the various languages with the aid of actual live examples and code samples What I see this blog being in the next few years
  • If the readership for this grows, I do hope to ensure that there would be. A lot more content creation with regards to local and regional tech and that I would be able ot fund and create the content that arises from the said items.

The languages that I know and have coded in

For me, personally, my main go to language is Dart, as I have found it to be a very versatile language with a syntax that is very similar to Java. Furthermore, it bolsters a huge speed improvement on other all in one langauges such as React.

The languages which would be introduced in this blog would be inclusive of but not limited to

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Dart
  • C

Things to do for the blog

  • Some of the things which I plan to do for this blog are the following
    • Adding a Tinder-Like swipable UI for the Blogpost
    • Adding support for Google Analytics
    • More interactive React elements

Currently working features

  • Copying code


console.log('Hello World!')


print("Hello World!")


print("Hello World")


System.out.println("Hello World")


printf("Hello World")